breanna-e1478020880717Breanna Warraich, BS, LADC

Evening Counselor & Family Program facilitator

Breanna has a desire to help people struggling with addiction to improve their quality of life. Breanna received a bachelor’s degree from St. Cloud State University in 2015 in addiction counseling with minors in psychology and community psychology. Breanna has experience in different treatment settings, including a women’s halfway house, men’s maximum security prison, men’s and women’s inpatient treatment, family groups, and men’s and women’s outpatient treatment. Breanna believes that it is important to celebrate the small victories that clients achieve on their recovery journey. Breanna believes that a sober support system is crucial to a client’s success, and assists clients in prioritizing their recovery needs. Addiction is something that affects many people, and Breanna believes that addiction should be looked at as a public health issue rather than a moral or criminal issue. She assists clients in gaining accountability without using shame to incite change.